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You got a door, you got a gym!  We loved the Tower 200 by Body By Jake.  Check it.

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David and Madison test the Total Gym Power Tower.

Check it out!


Madison & David get Xtreme with Jackie Warner’s Boot Camp Workout from Fitness RX Magazine.

FitnessRx Magazine – Jan/Feb 2011

Fit Test Dummies try out Monte Nash’s Speedsac from Allsports Conditioning.
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While Shuna does the Brazil Butt Lift hardcore ab workout with Leandro, David and Madison decide to relax with the Flex Belt. Nobody said getting great abs was easy.

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The Flex Belt
The Brazil Butt Lift

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Fit Test Dummies review the infamous SHAKE WEIGHT!  Does it REALLY work?  Or is it just a gimmick?  And where do the batteries go?!
Find out in this episode.

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Shake Weight Women

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All about the digits

Posted: January 27, 2011 by davnorton in Working For You
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I like this scale. A lot. It’s very nice to me.

Vodka Luge

Posted: January 18, 2011 by davnorton in Working For You
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When drinking it’s important to remember not to forget your calorie consumption target for the day. Also – sleep is important for recovery. Also – hangovers make that morning workout really tough. Goodnight folks.