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Fit Test Dummies try out Monte Nash’s Speedsac from Allsports Conditioning.
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David, Shuna and Madison take you on an ab journey with the Ab Circle Pro.
Also, Madison shows you some techniques that will get you some nice obliques!

Ab Circle Pro

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In honor of the great Jack Lalanne, who helped build the modern fitness movement, Madison and David do 1000 Pushups/500 Situps Challenge.

Can they make it to 1000?


David and Madison try out this BIG ARMS FAST Workout from Men’s Health Magazine!

Men’s Health Magazine Drew Brees Workout


Fit Test Dummies shows you how to do this awesome workout from Women’s Health Magazine…. or, is it really that awesome? Madison and David out this 15 min calorie crushing workout to the test and see if this workout is the real deal.

Check out the workout on Women’s Health Magazine