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Fit Test Dummy David & Shuna take the 30 day challenge!

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Welcome to Season 2 of Fit Test Dummies! We decided to start this season out with a bounce using Spri’s Step360.

You can do anything you can think of, remember to make it fun!

Here is the list of moves we did for the circuit.

  1. Lunge – 10 each side
  2. Single leg hold, back leg lift – 10 each side
  3. Single leg knee ups – 15 each side
  4. Lunge to single leg lift – 15 each side
  5. Side leg lift – 20 each side
  6. Single arm pushups with balls – 20 each side
  7. One arm military press – 15 each side
  8. Over the top – 15 reps
  9. Pushup Jacks – 30 reps
  10. Ski Abs – 15 reps
  11. Plank to pushup – 15 reps

FTD Tips:

  • Warm up: the most important part of the workout. Do it for 5-10min depending on your level of flexibility, level of strength and how long you’ve been working out.
  • Stability Phase: this is really good for those who are just starting out and are trying to get their core centered.
  • Balance Phase: make sure you’ve mastered the Stability Phase of the Step360 program so that your form is good. Watch your lower-back and always keep your core engaged.
    • Great on the knees because the Step360 bounces with you.
    • Side handles allows you to do a lot of hand exercise on the ball.
    • Forces you to engage every muscle in your leg.
As always, work within your abilities, do what is comfortable to your body.
      • **Key with lunges: keep knees at 90 degrees and make sure your knees do not go over your toes.

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Fit Test Dummies tries Indo-Row with World Rowing Champion Josh Crosby.

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FFit Test Dummies test the War Machine and Rope Trainer by Gopher Performance.

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Fit Test Dummies try the RealRyder Indoor Cycle at IHRSA 2011.

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David and Madison test the Total Gym Power Tower.

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Madison & David get Xtreme with Jackie Warner’s Boot Camp Workout from Fitness RX Magazine.

FitnessRx Magazine – Jan/Feb 2011

Madison and David do the infamous Insanity workout.

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By Beachbody:


Hey Fans,

Hope you like our SpeedSac episode. Big shout out to Monte Nash and Chris Gilberti at AllSports Conditioning for supplying us with their awesome product! For those of you who have a football/track and field background like me, the SpeedSac is a great replacement for metal sled, parachute, and tire workouts. It’s convenient, safer than pulling metal, and can be used on multiple surfaces.  The SpeedSac functions in the same capacity as a metal sled, but in a more user friendly manner.

And that is what makes me a fan of the SpeedSac: the ability to take it anywhere without having to lug around a 50 pound sled or tire. The weight is adjustable, and it won’t alter your running form like a sled would which can make training counterproductive. For those of you who don’t have a football or track background (like David and Madison) but are looking to get faster and stronger, the SpeedSac can strengthen your core, build fast-twitch muscles and give you the explosion and short-area quickness you’re looking for. The SpeedSac also comes with a workout regimen breaking down the exercises our hosts did along with resistance training drills. You can take your SpeedSac to the park, and get a complete workout in one session!

All in all, I recommend this product for any athlete young or old who wants to continue building core strength, speed, and explosion! Training outdoors on a hot summer day dripping in sweat… Doesn’t get any better than that! Let’s get after it Fit Test Nation!


Producer Sean

Give them the code: FIT TEST to receive a discount!

While Shuna does the Brazil Butt Lift hardcore ab workout with Leandro, David and Madison decide to relax with the Flex Belt. Nobody said getting great abs was easy.

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The Flex Belt
The Brazil Butt Lift

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Get Your Own Ultra Flex! And tell them Fit Test Dummies sent you. Happy Ab Flexing!