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Fit Test Dummies test the V-Force Weight Vest with a little bootcamp workout!

Get your V-Force Weight Vest!


Hey Fans!

Hope you’re enjoying FTD so far! Our latest webisode – the “V Force” weight vest workout – was definitely one of my favorite shoots as well as one of my favorite pieces of equipment. As a fitness enthusiast, I’m always looking to add to or change up, my workout routine and the V Force weight vest accomplishes that goal.

What I like about this particular weight vest is the convenience it provides to the beginner as well as the expert gymrat. You can change up the amount of weight you want to carry with no hassle. There’s breathable fabric on the inside that pulls sweat away from your body and lastly, you can add the vest to almost any workout and take your resistance training to a whole new level!

During the shoot, David insisted he keep all the weight on his vest the entire time (he was wearing a 40 lb. vest). I don’t know how he made it through but he did. However, I do remember him walking around gingerly for the next couple of days. Even for the most fit, adding the weight vest to a workout can dramatically increase resistance and shock the muscles in a way that positively enhances muscle growth and endurance. Regardless if you’re running, doing pilates, boxing, doing yoga, or playing basketball, the V Force weight vest is guaranteed to kick your butt! For the beginner, it’ll strengthen your core and build muscles you didn’t even know you have. And for the expert, it’s just the change of pace your body was waiting for!

Big thanks to Jeff Egbert and the team over at, Inc. who let us Fit Test Dummy their product and if YOU want the V Force vest, go to

Until next time Dummies,

Producer Sean

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Fit Test Dummies review the infamous SHAKE WEIGHT!  Does it REALLY work?  Or is it just a gimmick?  And where do the batteries go?!
Find out in this episode.

You can find get your Shake Weight at

Shake Weight Women

Check out the full review on


Edit Like A Beast

Posted: February 17, 2011 by Editor in Working For You
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Hello Fit Test Dummies Fans!
Now that we have a few videos up, and all of you have given me your two cents about editing technique, I thought I would introduce myself:  I’m the editor.  🙂

I Edit So You Don’t Have To
Fitness miscreant and film school drop-out, I think I fit in perfectly here at Fit Test Dummy Headquarters.  It’s always a pleasure to be surrounded by those who are passionate about what they do as that sentiment is quite contagious.  Motivated by a fervor for health, self-care and the urge to help others, the Fit Test Dummies are constantly thinking of ways to get people up, moving and fit.  Watching them work hard makes me want to work hard too… although that just might be because I’m the lucky one that has to watch these vehement hard-bodies do the same exercises over and over and over and over again every day of my life until eventually, I can’t stop the urge to try the workout out myself.  And you guys wouldn’t believe what ends up on the cutting room floor…. or maybe you would…

To be honest there is so much more to Fit Test Dummies than what you see on the videos–excellent tips on diet and health, detailed instruction on exercise technique and form that doesn’t make the cut.

I wish there was time to include every piece of fitness advice, health facts, weight loss tips, personal narratives, jokes, and the like in our videos.  I try my best to include a little taste of what you’re missing at the end of each video: pure fan service.  Through our videos, I hope that you not only learn a great deal about health and wellness, but that you also get to know who our hosts really are.  Keep following them through their Fit Testing Adventures!

The Editor

PS: Let me know how I’m doing!  Criticisms, praise, what you like to see, what you don’t, what you’re wearing! Leave a comment, wall post, or email us at

Fit Test Dummies reviews the Feb 2011 issue of Maximum Fitness Magazine for men 7-minute Fat Blaster Workout: The Essentials!

We not only review it, but we also show you the moves.

You can find this workout in the print edition of Maximum Fitness


**NEW** Want it? Like us!

Posted: February 14, 2011 by Fit Test Dummies in Equipment Testing
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Like us on Facebook, Subscribe to our Youtube Channel and Post to our wall your favorite piece of equipment we’ve tested and we might just send it to you! We’ll pick our favorite posts and send the poster the piece of equipment you mention in the post. Hurry – first mover advantage is not just a business school term anymore!

Hi Fans,

Jack LaLanne has inspired millions throughout the years to get in shape and take care of that precious most fascinating machine – your body! He has often been called “the godfather of fitness!” and the first national fitness hero! He’s been on our TV screens since the early 50’s motivating us to get off the couch and live healthy! And as you can tell by our tribute vid, we will continue to be huge fans of his!

His highly publicized feats of strength were that of legend! So we decided to emulate one of them (or at least try our darndest) in honor of his passing. In 1956, at the age of 42, he set a world record 1,000 pushups in 23 minutes! As you can tell by our vid, that is an amazingly difficult feat even for the most conditioned person! That goes to show you how much of an animal LaLanne was and why he was able to start a fitness revolution — he was sincerely passionate about the physical and mental well being of his fellow Americans!

So we here at Fit Test Dummies salute Jack LaLanne, and everyone else who carries the same passion about staying fit! If we all strive to be half the person and motivator Jack was, we’d truly change the world!


Producer Sean

Producer’s Corner

Posted: February 10, 2011 by Producer in Working For You
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Welcome Fans!

I hope you’ve enjoyed our webisodes so far! Our ultimate goal is to provide you the viewer, a fun and entertaining outlet in the world of fitness that presents you many inexpensive ways to GET FIT! Fitness is our passion, and there are many ways to get in shape at the comfort of your own home!

There are hundreds of health trends, and thousands of fitness gadgets/equipment on the market. Some are good… some are so-so… and some are downright bad. But there are exciting alternatives to working out at a busy gym or running on a treadmill that FTD will explore for you! We know you have a busy life that gets in the way of accomplishing the health goals you set for yourself. We know you are curious about the many infomercials and brands selling you equipment and exercises promising to get you in shape right away! Hopefully, as you watch our goofy yet passionate hosts tackling them weekly, they will help guide you to filter out the good from the bad, and inspire you to take 30 minutes out of your day to MAKE YOU BETTER! Remember, WE TEST IT SO YOU DON’T HAVE TO!

I will frequently check-in to update you on upcoming episodes, breakdown previous episodes, and answer any questions you may have about the show. If you have an idea or workout you would like David & Madison to try feel free to send it my way. If you have health & wellness question for our hosts, ask away and they will get back to you with their sound advice. Or if you’re tired of watching those boring fitness web videos and want to laugh a little while being informed, look no further!

We Are Your Fit Test Dummies!


Producer Sean

David, Shuna and Madison take you on an ab journey with the Ab Circle Pro.
Also, Madison shows you some techniques that will get you some nice obliques!

Ab Circle Pro

Check out the full review on