Favorite Products


We love Spri’s products! SPRI is regarded within the fitness community as one of the best equipment manufacturers in the industry so we here at Fit Test Dummies are proud to officially partner with them!

We believe you deserve to be in the best shape of your life – so let’s make sure you’re using the best!

Get Yours! Your body will love it.
Make your body happy! ->FTD at Spri.com

Ultra Flex

The Ultra Flex was an experience.  At first, we had no idea what to expect from this device, but the it really gave us an intense ab workout that we felt for days after.

Get Your Own Ultra Flex! And tell them Fit Test Dummies sent you.
Happy Ab Flexing! -> TheFlexBelt.com/?mcp=6885

Shake Weight

Shake Weight Women

We LOVE the Shake Weight.  At first, we had no idea what to expect from this device, but the Shake Weight really works you.  It’s perfect for a quick tone ups; takes no time at all.

Get your ShakeWeight at -> ShakeWeight.com


The Speedsac gave us a heart pumpin’ workout! There was so much you could do with the sandbags it was unbelievable; and they were quite comfortable.
This is resistance training at its best.

You should definitely check out the Speedsac for yourself!
Don’t forget to put in the code: FIT TEST to receive a discount!-> SpeedSac.com

V-Force Weight Vest

Hoo-rah!  The V-Force Weight Vest made us sweat!  And it cut our workout in half.  We love it so much that we incorporated the V-Force Weight Vest into our everyday morning workouts.

You should definitely check out V-Force for yourself! -> WeightVest.com

Burn Machine

It’s a fun, simple, and innovative way to work out!  Fit Test Dummies’ LOVE the Burn Machine.  We had a blast testing this product.  An amazing feature about this product is that you get a great rotation doing the exercises you enjoy.  You can customized the weight and color to fit your fancy.  There are limitless workouts you can do.

There’s a Burn Machine for everybody!  Get yours today -> BurnMachine.com

  1. Darren Shane says:

    Hello my name is Darren Shane. I saw you testing at mulitple trade booths and we met several representatives of your company at the IHRSA convention in SF. My company was a sponsor at the event, however we didn’t have a trade booth. At the entrance there were were a few Large Glass Display showcases. We had Our product The Human Trainer Bodyweight Suspension Gym being featured with the many accessory components.

    I see you have your favorite products section. It would be great to get you using The Human Trainer as I hope it can also fall into this category with you.

    There are YouTube videos up to see its great capabilities. Please let me know if your company is open to doing a video review / test of The Human Trainer?

    I hope to hear from you soon.
    Darren Shane

  2. I hate to be conned says:

    Your testing, opinions are absolutely worthless, devoid of any useful information. You are shills for apparently EVERYTHING on the fitness market.

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